second century habitat fund

Mission: To be advocates of habitat stewardship, collaborate with community partners and be conservation leaders to benefit all of South Dakota.

The Second Century Habitat Fund is a private, nonprofit organization that works to improve wildlife habitat and water quality in South Dakota. The Fund evolved from the South Dakota Habitat Conservation Fund Board established in 2014 to manage a permanently endowed habitat fund through the South Dakota Community Foundation as one of the 8 recommendations of the 2013 habitat summit.

The Fund is governed by an independent Board of Directors; consisting of a maximum of 11 members that are either elected by the Board or appointed by the governor. The Board of Directors determines how funds are spent from the Fund and work collaboratively with non-government conservation partners and government agencies like the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks and USDA’s National Resource Conservation Service to put programs and dollars on the ground.

Ways to Give

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Contributions to the Second Century Habitat Fund are deductible for income tax purposes to the maximum extent allowed by law. Please call 605.773.4503 if you have questions about making a contribution.

Board Members

Jim Scull, President
DeLon Mork, Vice President
Larry Ness
Tim Kessler
Dr. Barry Dunn
Dan Rykhus
Jim Faulstich
Curt Korzon
Tami Nelson
Kelly Hepler, Ex Officio Board Member
Gary Jensen, Ex Officio Board Member

Foundation Created

Board members were originally appointed by the Governor to manage the endowed fund at the Community Foundation.

In addition to managing that fund, $350,000 in funds was authorized by the State Legislature in 2015 for projects, provided the board could raise matching funds. The Legislature required that the funds they authorized were to be spent, not endowed. The board raised those matching funds and the State funds were secured by the board in early 2016. A total of $611,000 was granted to 12 projects through a competitive grant program for projects throughout South Dakota in 2016.

In 2016, board members elected to form a nonprofit organization from the existing board so they could accept tax deductible, spendable donations and manage those donations directly. The South Dakota Community Foundation will continue to manage endowed contributions with the Habitat Conservation Foundation making periodic recommendations for grants from available earnings from these endowed funds.

In 2018, board members participated in a series of strategic planning sessions designed to identify future priority projects.

In 2019, board members renamed the organization the Second Century Habitat Fund to align with Governor Kristi Noem's Second Century Habitat Initiatives.

To promote, develop and enhance habitat stewardship.


To be advocates of habitat stewardship, collaborate with community partners and be conservation leaders to benefit all of South Dakota.

: We believe that fostering and developing partnerships leads to successful conservation outcomes.
Accountability: We believe in delivering transparent and measurable results through the facilitation of projects and programs.
Stewardship: We believe in the advocacy of habitat resources for current and future conservationists.

Board Meetings and Other Information