Landowners Matter newsletter

Landowners matter.

As a vast majority of South Dakota is privately owned; farmers, ranchers and other private landowners are the principal stewards of wildlife resources and the habitats in which they depend.

Cooperative relationships and collaborative approaches among landowners, the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks and others who enjoy and appreciate fish and wildlife resources in this state, are critical.

The Landowners Matter newsletter is printed and distributed twice a year; April 1 and October 1 and is mailed to approximately 14,000 South Dakota landowners.

  • Latest Issue :: Fall 2018
  • Spring 2018
  • Fall 2017
  • April 2017
  • Fall/Winter 2016
  • April 2016
  • February 2016
  • Fall/Winter 2015

  • Information included in this publication may include, but is not limited to the following: elk and Canada goose depredation, wildlife damage and animal control program updates, wildlife management plan updates, contact information for conservation officers and wildlife damage specialists, research studies, habitat and conservation information and other timely content.

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