wetland Restoration Practices

Temporary and seasonal wetlands are scattered across South Dakota's landscape, especially in the Prairie Pothole Region, east of the Missouri River. High densities of wetlands of all shapes, sizes and depths support unique plant communities and wildlife species dependent on these diverse and valuable habitats.

Landowners recognize the benefits wetlands can provide; such as improving water quality, serving as natural sponges to reduce flooding, supplying water and providing hay and forage for livestock.

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) provides up to 100 percent cost share for wetland restoration projects involving removal of tile or plugging drainage ditches. This excludes restorations necessary for compliance with NRCS swampbuster or other regulatory provisions.

GFP habitat biologists will survey, design and stake projects for construction, while assisting the landowner in obtaining all required permits. Contact one of them today to learn more.

Many programs exist for restoring cropped wetlands, but few financial incentives exist for landowners to restore non-cropped wetland and still allow use of these wetland/grassland complexes for livestock production. Therefore, through the Non-Cropped Wetland Restoration Initiative, GFP provides 100 percent cost share to restore hydrology and a "one-time payment" of $150 per surface acre of wetlands restored.