resource conservation

The South Dakota Department of Agriculture, Division of Resource Conservation and Forestry, State Conservation Commission, conservation districts, and their federal, state, tribal, and local partners developed the South Dakota Coordinated Plan for Natural Resources Conservation which consists of the following goals:

  • Fifty percent of South Dakota waters will meet their beneficial uses;
  • South Dakota waters will provide sufficient quantities of quality water;
  • South Dakota will have healthy soils appropriate for their capability;
  • All of South Dakota will meet air quality standards;
  • Enhance or establish fish and wildlife habitats;
  • South Dakota citizens will have an awareness and understanding of the benefits of natural resource management;
  • Each conservation district will increase their supplemental funding by pursuing additional services or projects; and
  • Promote the use of renewable energy and energy consumption through advocacy and education.

The commission met with multiple conservation agencies and groups to identify priorities and shared visions for natural resource conservation in South Dakota.

In support of the coordinated plan, 41 projects were funded during calendar year 2017 for a total of $755,190. These projects included technical assistance, wetland improvement, range/pasture improvement projects (livestock water development, grassland seeding, etc.), multi-purpose shelterbelt establishments and renovations, and information and education projects. Funds are awarded to local conservation districts who then contract with local producers to cost-share projects of value to the landowner, local community, and the state.

More Information

For more information, please contact the South Dakota Department of Agriculture.