woody habitat

Below is information on state and federal woody habitat programs. For questions on any of the below programs, habitat advisors are here to help. They possess the knowledge of federal, state and local programs to assist landowners in finding the right program(s) to meet their personal habitat and land use goals.

CRP Tree Programs

Continuous CRP has multiple practices to help landowners add woody habitat to their property.

Field windbreaks, shelterbelt establishment, living snow fences, and riparian buffers all provide cost-share and annual rental payments for 10 to 15 years. These CRP practices can be paired with GFP's woody habitat program to enhance wildlife habitat.

USDA Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP)

EQIP can also provide up to 75 percent cost share to establish trees for farmstead shelterbelts, livestock protection, and wildlife habitat. These tree plantings can be paired with GFP's woody habitat program to enhance wildlife habitat.

South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Woody Habitat Program

Woody habitat is meant to increase wildlife populations by enhancing their survival. GFP has a multitude of woody habitat program options that meet the needs of wildlife. These options include increasing winter survival by installing wildlife sheltberbelts, planting shrub clumps to provide browse and cover for deer and upland birds, and managing woodlands and forests to enhance hardwood species establishment and species diversity.  

Learn more about the program guidelines, eligible shrub and tree species, contract life, and how to apply

South Dakota Conservation District Tree Plantings

South Dakota has 69 Conservation Districts covering the entire state that can also be of assistance when it comes to providing grant opportunities to assist with tree plantings.

More Woody Habitat Program Information